There are two types of carbon fiber frame repair:
1. Structural repair: [$]
Structural repair is a function restoring repair that will cover and strengthen the crack/damage. The patch that is done is permanently visible, and this is the only type of carbon frame repair available at this location.
2. Full restoration repair: [$$$]
Full restoration is "as though it never happened" which entails making a repair that is both structural and cosmetic. This is the more labor intensive route (and may be more invasive to the frame) - and most people would rather not pay the expense to have this done. Manufacturers regularly warrantee a damaged frame even with minimal (and repairable) damage, upon the expectation that repairing the frame will be a full restoration repair, which, unlike with steel, is an unreasonable amount of cost/effort to do.

I have successfully repaired light damage (cracks, shred, splinter) to a few carbon fiber frames, including the one that I used to ride as my own personal road bike. You don't need to ship your frame to California and pay a fortune to have a structural repair done to your frame or fork. Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material to work with. The epoxy involved is very slow curing. This type of repair is about a two day process and involves careful preparation of the surfaces, proper timing with the epoxy, finesse + extreme care in managing the woven fiber cloth, and continual monitoring of the materials as the curing process takes hold. The end result is an incredibly strong, hard epoxy resin enveloping carbon fiber added to the original material.
Bring it to Green Light Bicycle Shop for an evaluation of repair-ability.

Note: Even if it is certain to you and to me that the repair is solid and strong, no warrantee can or will exist for this process, due to the nature of regulation and indemnification within the industry.

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